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Vancouver punto Viaje en Espaņol

Kitsilano Beach

Welcome to Vancouver dot Travel. I have spent over ten years building this website, into what I believe, is the most informative site on Vancouver available on the net. The site is very extensive, so have fun exploring. The entire site is slowly being translated into Spanish. You may see some limited advertising on this site. These companies enable me to keep this site operating, so please patronize them. If you wish to advertise here yourself, contact me, through the link at the top of the page. Some advertising I provide for free to friends. Sometimes is a chore to keep this site updated. If you find something desperately in need of updating, feel free to email me. Links change, or go dead frequently, and are tough to maintain.

This is a comprehensive guide to all there is to do and see in Vancouver. Vancouver is the third largest city in all of Canada. Outside the city there are many things to cater to outdoors enthusiasts such as fishing, kayaking, camping and mountain biking as well as skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Within the wonderful metropolitan area are great places for fine dining, shopping and wonderful accommodations. For accommodations there are everything from bed and breakfasts to resorts to campgrounds to hostels.

Have fun exploring!! 

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