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There are a number of Bed & Breakfasts springing up ranging in price from around $60 to over $100. This is actually an excellent way to stay here. You quite often benefit from the local knowledge of the owner in way you seldom get from a Hotel. A number of them are very well placed , close to Beaches & Parks. There are not a great number in the downtown core, but there are some in the West End adjacent to downtown, and a lot in Kitsilano, a beach area very close to downtown. There is a B&B directory at the Airport. If you run a B&B , have a web site, and would like a direct link, I will be glad to add it (after I check you out) if you E-Mail me a request. (Please use "Link Request" in the Subject field and send me your URL). Some recommended B&B's are listed in the second table below. if you are planning on visiting the Okanagan Valley, try the Tequila Sunrise B&B near Penticton (Kaleden)

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NOTE: Some other B&B info for the rest of BC can be found in my Further Afield section.   For the United States, see B&B USA


I have had negative reports about Schofield House in Victoria. Here is a comment from a Visitor:

My friend and I had booked into this B&B looking for a nice place for a girlie weekend. Imagine our HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT on arrival, to discover what a mess it is. As soon as we walked in, we were hit by a terrible smell of musty/old people/unclean. We were taken up to our room only to discover on route that dust was settled everywhere. Even the sherry bottle (which was supposed to be used by guests) was covered in dust along with everything else. Our bedroom was as described but again dirty and the pillows were yellow and the cases dirty and creased as if they'd not been washed for months. We expressed our concerns to the lady, although we didn't enjoy this but she insisted we had to at least pay 1 night as we hadn't given 7 days notice. She did put this on my friends visa card which she had the number from the booking to hold the room. Visa have said that she is within her rights to do this as it was a 7 day cancellation. We did complain at the time to the board via T.I. who were extremely helpful. We are so upset by this experience and the fact that she is within her rights to do this, what about our rights!!! We did find a fabulous B&B via T.I. called Trutch Manor which was everything and more that we'd wanted and was also $40 a night less!!! So, please, please don't advise anyone to go there.

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