Accommodations in Vancouver: Hotels, Hostels, B&B's, Camping

Accommodations in Vancouver range from World Class Hotels such as the Pan Pacific, to Backpacker Hostels. Prices range accordingly from the $300 a night Range down to the $20 a night Range and even lower. It all depends on how much importance you place on comfort & convenience. Myself, I'm happy if I have a reasonably comfortable bed and there are less than 10 or so cockroaches crawling around. I place more importance on location than price or comfort, after all I don't usually plan on spending any more time than I have to in my hotel room. Having said all that, Vancouver has a wide range of Hotels and anything over $100 a night would be considered a good Hotel. There are a number of well placed Bed & Breakfast establishments, especially in the Kitsilano Area, across the Bay from Downtown and in the West End adjacent to Downtown. Bed & Breakfasts are numerous in the suburbs. There are several Hostels, both Downtown and nearby. The main Youth Hostel is located on Jericho Beach, (see beaches section for picture) a fair distance from the downtown core, but in a great location.  You may book Hotels Online if you wish, by clicking here, or just peruse my own descriptions of Hotels there. I have personally checked out a number of Hotels & asked to inspect their rooms (I find most places are very cooperative when I tell them what its for)

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