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I run both this site & its sister site www.mexicorvforums.com as close to break even as possible. I pour any money right back into both web sites. I am not interested in making money off either, as that is how I feel I can offer unbiased information. I have only recently decided to accept advertising at all. Any advertising is quite reasonable & used to offset hosting costs, forum licensing costs and the cost of producing materials to promote either site. I am very selective on who I allow to advertise, however just because your ad appears here does not mean I endorse your product or service. I reserve the right to cancel any ad at any time (with a refund if necessary) that I feel is, or has become inappropriate.

There are 2 types of ads on this site, banner ads which rotate every 10 seconds and text link ads . Banner ads can, & have been extended to several pages on the site.

Exclusive rights to static banner on a page is given on a first come first serve basis and remains unless not renewed. Here are my current rates. Existing advertisers are grandfathered at the rates I originally quoted and I will never raise them. The same applies to new advertisers.

Tax receipts provided upon request. Income off this site is reported to Revenue Canada.



Exclusive page sponsorship, static banner and text $350 a year, may be 2 or 3 pages depending on content for one price.

See www.vancouver.hm/immigration.html for an example

Banner in rotation: $200 a year. I limit the number so they come up frequently.

Text link in right hand column/bottom of main page $200 a year

Text link anywhere in site $200 one time charge. I do provide free text links fro Vancouver related sites that are non or semi commercial. My discretion. I will, for example, charge for a real estate agent, I won't for a theatre or event. I may do a link exchange, depending on exposure value of your site.

I can create banners for you or you can submit 626 x 75


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Banner ads - $50 a year both sites.