I saw the following posting on a Newsgroup. It was written by Josh, an American with an axe to grind about Canada, & a very uninformed one, I might add. I was so impressed with David Gibson's (a Vancouver resident) reply, I decided to print it here.

Josh wrote:

 All Americans should stop visiting Canada just for the things they
 have said about the United States since 911. They don't support us in
 any way shape or form. I for one have stopped buying any products made
 in Canada and have been telling others to do so also. If only a third
 of us would stop going to Canada and buying products made there they
 would realize just how much they need us to spend there.

David Gibson's reply:

Josh, perhaps you should share this keen political insight with the 4000
US citizens who were welcomed and embraced by residents of Greater
Vancouver when their flights were forced down here on September 11. I am
sure they must still deeply resent the meals, accommodation, hot showers,
sightseeing, movie tickets, and free phone calls home to frantic family

Or the 12,000+ who were accommodated by the people of Newfoundland and
Labrador, Canada's poorest province. Those American passengers were so
angry and disgusted at their treatment there that they appointed a
committee, took up a collection, and returned a year later to force their
hostile host towns to accept several scholarships and a classroom full of

Or the New York firefighters who were so clearly outraged when the
Vancouver firefighters presented them with a cheque for $ 565,000,
representing money collected from Vancouver residents in a 12-hour blitz.
They were quite right to be disappointed that they were only Canadian

I applaud your decision to stop buying Canadian products, even if it means
you won't have natural gas to heat your home, electricity to run your
television, or gasoline to put in your car. I admire a guy who is
prepared to make personal sacrifices in order to maintain deeply held
personal principles.

Carry on, Josh.