The Vancouver Bus System: (Info on Whistler service is found in that section, see Airport section for Victoria)

Vancouver's bus system is very extensive, extending 50-70 Km out from the city centre to Langley in the east and the US border to the south. Service to downtown from any area is quite good, although it is not so easy to get from suburb to suburb. West Vancouver has its own system (The Blue buses) which you catch downtown on Georgia Street. The fares are the same and you can transfer from one system to the other. Most buses downtown are electric trolley buses. There are also fast buses to the outer suburbs, which feature limited stops, and what Translink call "B-Lines". These are fast articulated buses, running in their own dedicated lanes for part or all of their routes. Many of these are temporary measures until planned Skytrain routes are completed. Mini buses are also being introduced on some suburban routes with lower ridership. Buses are generally like those pictured above, although the colour scheme is changing to Blue & Yellow. This is not happening overnight, so Vancouver Transit vehicles are currently a mishmash of differing colours. They have also, on occasion, borrowed excess rolling stock from Washington State, so some may not appear as obvious Vancouver city buses. You may purchase monthly passes or books of tickets for the entire transit system. The tickets are available in several stores and come in books of ten. they will save you about 10%. Note that when paying cash you need the exact fare. Keep your ticket as a transfer if you are changing to the Skytrain, Seabus or another bus. They are now electronically validated in machines when you board a bus and are good for 90 minutes from time of issue. 90 minutes is sometimes not sufficient if your connections are poor or a scheduled bus fails to show, but most drivers seem understanding if you explain the circumstances to them. Considering it is a high stress job, I have found bus drivers in Vancouver to be more courteous than those in other cities, on the whole.

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