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Getting to/from Vancouver by Bus or Train:


Here is the link for Greyhound Canada. For a comprehensive guide to Rail Travel in Canada, plus Amtrak Links to the USA, try Canadian Passenger Rail Services. (Note: from Seattle there is daily train service, Train number 760 leaves Seattle at 7:45 AM, the train going to Seattle from Vancouver, leaves at 6 PM, a second run is likely to be added in Summer 99). See Amtrak's NW page at Amtrak Cascades: Main Page.  There is also a shuttle service to Vancouver from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport that costs about $40 Canadian one way. They also stop at Bellingham Airport 50 km south of the border. They have a webpage: Quick Shuttle Express Bus Service. BC Rail no longer runs Passenger Service from Vancouver through Whistler north to Prince George and beyond.  You can also get to Vancouver from Toronto using the Moose network, described in the next section.