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Live Web Cameras:

The following live shots are of various areas of Vancouver. Unfortunately the number of these seem to be on the decline, if you know of others, let me know.

The Kat Kam (also archived photos) View of English Bay from Kitsilano
The QuayCam - New Westminster New Westminister Quay, Alex Fraser Bridge
New Westminster Fraser River in New Westminister, plus links
IslandCam- Live Images of the San Juan Islands These are actually in the US, but close. This site has several
Vancouver Waterfront live cam demo North Shore
Vancouver Waterfront live cam demo Crusise ship Port
Whistler Blackcomb Cams 4 live shots of Whistler
Vancouver Aquarium On-Line late 2001
Whistler Web Cams About a dozen set up around Whistler
Orca net Whales
Jericho Beach Near Youth Hostel
Simon Fraser University  
Point Roberts Washington, Live Point Cams In USA, but virtually a Vancouver Suburb