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This Section contains a list of Phone Numbers for all foreign Diplomatic missions that have Vancouver offices. There may be more that I am not aware of. Some of these are manned full time, others are often an individual acting as a part-time Consul.




United States Consulate 604-685-4311  
British Consulate 604-683-4421  
French Consulate 604-681-4345  
German Consulate 604-684-8377  
South African Consulate 604-688-1301  
Australian Consulate 604-684-1177  
Singapore Consulate 604-669-5115  
Belgium Consulate 604-684-6838  
Columbian Consulate 604-685-6435  
Spanish consulate 604-520-6222  
Japanese Consulate 604-684-5868  
Italian Consulate 604-684-7288  
Swiss Consulate 604-684-2231  
Swedish Consulate 604-683-5838  
Indian Consulate 604-662-8811  
Chinese Consulate 604-736-3910  
Indonesian Consulate 604-682-8855  
Dutch Consulate 604-684-6448  
Phillipines Consulate 604-685-7645  
Portugese Consulate 604-688-6514  
Chilean Consulate 604-681-9162  
Finnish Consulate 604-688-4483  
Brazilian Consulate 604-687-4589  
Korean Consulate 604-681-9581  
Polish Consulate 604-688-3530  
Peruvian Consulate 604-662-8880  
Mexican Consulate 604-684-3547  
Malaysian Consulate 604-685-9550  
Thailand Consulate 604-687-1143  
Czech Consulate 604-661-7530  
Polish Consulate 604-688-3530  
Bolivian Consulate 604-685-8121  
Ecuadorian Consulate 604-273-8577  
Greek Consulate 604-681-1381  
Honduran Consulate 604-685-7711  
Icelandic Consulate 604-691-7526  
Lithuanian Consulate 604-893-7003  
Hungarian Consulate 604-730-7321  
Liberian Consulate 604-684-5988  
Slovak Republic Consulate 604-732-4439  
Uruguay Consulate 604-681-1377  
Ghana Consulate 604-929-3840  
Costa Rican Consulate 604-681-2152  
Belize Consulate 604-683-4517  
Senegalese Consulate 604-267-1417  
Monaco Consulate 604-682-4633  
Maltese Consulate 604-739-3200  

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