Further Afield - The rest of BC

BC is a large Province. Most visitors, especially those from outside of North America, have no conception of its size and think they can just "pop-over" to the Rockies in a day trip. To see all of the province would take a couple of months, and most people don't have that amount of time. In order to see BC properly you really need to rent a car or a camper. You can do it using the "Moose Network" bus described in my transportation section, but if your not the backpacker type of traveller, renting a car or RV is your best bet. If you want to get to the more remote areas, consider renting a Truck Camper. I have divided the Province into 4 or 5 general regions and given a brief description of each, plus plenty of links to take you to web sites with more detailed information on specific areas. I have also described what is, in my opinion, the best driving route to take if you have 10 days to 2 weeks to explore the Province (not including Vancouver Island or the far north.

HelloBC is the official tourism site for BC as a whole. They will supply free tour guides & pamphlets. The tour guides are especially helpful if you are planning to drive around BC and are divided into regions. If you reside in North America, you can call them toll free at 1-800-435-5623.