Gay & Lesbian Information:

Inclusion of information for Gay/Lesbian travellers on my webpage  has generated the odd nasty E-Mail. It has also cost me some links on some "family oriented" indexes & web pages. I don't think a persons sexual orientation matters squat to their value as a tourist. We'll fleece you no matter what your orientation.

If you are from Britain, you should be aware that the term "fag" is used as a derogatory term in North America for Homosexual. If you offer a cigarette to someone who says that to you, you may end up in trouble. Mind you, a smoker in Canada is now looked down upon more than someone who is Gay, so it ain't all bad.

The fact of the matter is, a significant number of tourists to this city are Gay, and Vancouver in general, is considered a tolerant place for them to visit. A lot of Gay individuals and couples are uncomfortable staying in places that are not advertised as "Gay-friendly", so I believe I am providing a service to those visitors.

After my best friend & my brother in law both came out the closet in the 70's, I realized that sexual orientation is not one of the parameters to judge someone on.

Vancouver is generally a gay-friendly city, however, there have been some "incidents". In mid November 2001, a gay man was beaten to death in Stanley Park. The more wooded, less visited areas off the trails in the Park have been an area for Gays to seek sex. Under the circumstances, I would strongly discourage any visitors from engaging in this practice.

Those of you visiting my website who are disapproving of the gay lifestyle, look upon it as an opportunity to find out what hotels, clubs and areas to avoid, so you won't be offended. (and why did you click the link to this page?)

Vancouver pride week is usually the end of July/beginning of August. Check the Gay Pride BC link below for more info.

I have provided some links. The "Gay-Vancouver" web site is probably the best all round site for the gay scene in Vancouver. The "Gay-Mart" link will give you listings of "gay friendly" hotels, bars, restaurants, etc in Vancouver and the rest of Canada in general. LesBiGay.com seems to be a new site. It currently has a list of links & other info and looks like it is going to develop into good site. Purple Roofs is site providing world wide gay-friendly accommodation information, including several listings (mainly B&B) for Vancouver.

Tying the Knot:

It is now legal for Gays to get married in Canada. The usual rules for common-law has applied to gay relationships for some time now, and in BC, living common-law for more than a year brings with it almost all the obligations of legal marriage. Gays, however, have always had an out, by claiming they were simply roommates, and who is going to argue. Legal marriage, however is another matter. Splitting up requires a legal divorce & in order to obtain one you need to reside in BC for a year. Since the marriage will not likely be recognized in the US, neither will a divorce. It could mean a bit of a legal minefield, so anyone planning on traveling to BC to get married, had better be confident the relationship is permanent. Church marriages are harder to come by than civil ones, but the policy of both the United Church of Canada , the Unitarian Church of Canada & to a lesser extent, the Anglican Church of Canada, is that gay unions are OK, so you should try approaching one of those .

How do Canadians feel about this turn of events? Well, you will probably find them split down the middle, from those that encourage it, to those that think it will lead to legalized brother-sister or man-family dog weddings. The issue is a divisive as the abortion debate and I guess it will continue to be so for many years to come.

Click http://www.gayvancouver.bc.ca/marriage.htm for more information & updates.

Gay Travel:

GayVan.com Is a Vancouver based Travel  Marketing Agency geared to the gay community &  traveler. They will help you arrange a gay marriage or find gay friendly accommodation, among other services.


Border Connections are a gay-friendly Immigration Consulting business.

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