These are usually cheaper than B&B's, ranging around $20-$35 a night and usually include all meals, although you may be expected to cook some of them on your own, at times. These nearly always cater only to single travelers & visitors. The average is around $600 to $800 a month depending on the area ,  amenities & quality of accommodation. You are usually expected to make your own bed & keep your room clean. You should not expect maid service from the owners. They cost about the same as you would pay for an unfurnished one bedroom apartment, but those do not include meals, of course. Homestays generally cater to students or long term visitors, as they usually charge by the month.. You also get to meet a local family and get valuable insight on the city & what to see & do. In many cases, you almost become a part of the family. If English is your second language it is a good way to improve your skills & immerse yourself in Canadian culture. Since Canada is a nation of immigrants, you may also get to experience the original culture of the host family as an extra bonus.

 I know the people who run the first one on the list below, & I can vouch for them.

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