Long Term Stays:

If you are planning a stay of a week/month or more, you might want to look into some long term stay options, such as furnished apartments & Suites. These can be had for between $700 a month up to about $3500 a month depending on size, location & season. Some can be rented weekly  will still work out cheaper than a decent Hotel. The table below contains some links & contact numbers.

Long Term Stays
EMR Vacation Vacation Suite Rentals, Vancouver, Vancouver island, Whisler
Kitsilano Suites Furnished Suites in Kitsilano
Rentmore Apartment Rentals
Furnished Apartments Vancouver Suites, House Rent or for sale
http://www.freewebs.com/jacuzzisuite/ Available April - Sept 2004 $800/month
Suite Deals From $1200 a month winter $1600 summer
Robson Suites From $2000 a month (West End)
Pennys Place From $1000 a month (East End)
Pillow Net  
The Langtry West End
OceanSide Hotel West End $1300 a month Phone 604-682-5641
Sunset Inn Downtown from $1500 a month
Dunowen Rental Agency
Arbutus Village  Westside, starting at $700 a month. Phone 604-736-5511