I am always reluctant to put maps on a web page. They are seldom readable and use a large amount of server space up. I have made three maps available to view. All of them produce readable maps if you have a laser or inkjet printer. The visible maps below, are from Microsoft Expedia Maps and show the Vancouver area in about a 100 km radius. Click on it to go to their website for more maps of Vancouver and more links to other Vancouver sites. You can also produce a print of this map by visiting their website. Further below, you will find a simple map showing the layout of the city with few details, followed by a detailed map of the downtown core, and also a general city map, showing major arterial streets only.


Note: Vancouver International Airport is located in Richmond, seen on the map above.

Downtown This is a map of the downtown core, from the "Greater Vancouver Street Wise" map book, which is available at most Gas stations for about $8 and well worth buying. The book contains detailed, easy to read maps of the entire Vancouver area. You can order a copy, by calling 1-800-265-1108, which is a free call from most of North America. Another good one is "EasyFinder Vancouver" which you can order online by clicking the link. Its about $5 US.

Vancouver This map will take awhile to load, but provides an overview of most of the city. I have marked the locations of the 2 youth hostels. Many of the spots mentioned elsewhere on my homepage also appear on this map. I mention the Second Narrows Bridge in several places and on the map, this bridge is where the Freeway (Hwy 1) crosses Burrard Inlet. Lions Gate Bridge crosses Burrard Inlet at Stanley Park. You will also find Lynn Canyon Park, Lighthouse Park, Museum of Anthropology, the Main Bus and Train Stations, the Planetarium and various other locales mentioned on my pages. The Rapid Transit line is not shown except on the insert, but it approximately follows route 1A and 99A through Burnaby to New Westminster. Route 99 to the south is the Freeway to White Rock and the US border. Highway 17, off Route 99, leads to Tsawwassen where there is a Ferry terminal for Ferries to Victoria or the Gulf Islands. The other Ferry terminal is in the upper left hand corner of the map. You can catch Ferries to Nanaimo and the Sunshine Coast from here. Hwy 1 northbound changes to 99 and heads to Whistler and eventually rejoins Hwy 1 again in the Fraser Canyon at Lytton. Highway 1 eastbound is the main route out of Vancouver to the BC Interior.

B.C. Maps Home Page This link will take you a a government web site that provides on line BC road maps.

Vancouver, Fraser Valley to US Border This simple map gives an overview plus main routes to and from Vancouver to the US and points East.

Mapblast! Blast Central A service providing detailed maps, down to street level.

Backroad Mapbooks: Outdoor Recreational Guides with Maps and Activity Information Link to a company that will sell you mapbooks of backroads. I have checked them out in a local bookstore and they seem to be very well done. You can also order other mapbooks of backroads online.










There are several other holidays associated with different racial groups in Vancouver, especially those associated with the Chinese and East Indian Communities. Many of the events connected with these, are open to the general public.