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This is an operation similar to the Baz Bus in South Africa, and similar operations in New Zealand. Unlike the Baz Bus, though, it offers more services if you wish, such as hiking. You pay about $400 Can ($275 US) for a 3 month Pass. For that, you can travel around the Province (including the Rockies) using a get-on / get-off procedure. The buses run 3 times a week, sometimes more in peak season, from Vancouver, and stop at Hostels around the Province. They currently have 12 buses. $400 may sound like a lot, but its good value. For a one week to 10 day trip, or if you have 2 or 3 people you may be better off with renting a car, but if you have more time than that, and don't want to explore blind, this is probably the cheapest and best way to get around the Province.

This operation is now country wide and they also offer trips out of Toronto, Ontario. They now offer a "Canada Pass" which allows you to travel from Toronto to Vancouver over a 12 day Maximum period, also with get on/get off privileges. At about $750 Can ($500 US), its a good deal. You can also take a route through Quebec for about $250. Check out their web site at Moose Network Home Page. I have received positive feedback from people who have used this service over the last couple of years.


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