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Vancouver is third largest film production centre in the world. As of 1998, about 20 series and 50 movies are filmed here each year. This has mushroomed during the last 5 years or so, mainly due to the weak Canadian Dollar and generous Tax incentives. It is currently growing at the incredible rate of about 25% per year, and it is getting to the point where facilities and available skilled personnel are becoming stretched to the limit. This means there are opportunities for employment in this industry if you have some previous experience. Movie and TV producers have found that Vancouver offers far more range of filming opportunities, due to its varied topography, than does Los Angeles. It is very easy to make Vancouver stand in for virtually any other American City. Its mild climate also allows for year round filming, despite the winter rain. A wide range of auxiliary services such as post production facilities, sound stages and animation studios have further cemented the cities future as a movie centre. Most of Vancouver's film industry is an offshoot of the American Film industry rather than home-grown Canadian productions. Most of these are based in central Canada. There has been considerable lobbying by that segment to the federal government to change Canada's tax laws in their favour, at the expense of the Vancouver industry. If successful, this would possibly kill or severely curtail the industry in Vancouver, costing the economy about a billion dollars a year, plus several thousand related and indirectly related jobs. This is one example of the frustration felt in Vancouver and other western Canadian cities at the attitude of those in Central Canada, that everything should be centered around Toronto. (Canada's largest city)

Both Vancouver & Toronto lay claim to the title "Hollywood North", however Vancouver's industry is larger than Toronto's & its geographic closeness to Los Angeles will probably ensure it has a more valid claim to the title.

The major studios are North Shore Studios in North Vancouver , Bridge Studios at Boundary and Lougheed in Burnaby, Lions Gate Studios, and Vancouver Film Studios at Boundary & Grandview in Vancouver. Vancouverites have not yet reached the stage where they become irritated at having to detour around Movie sets on downtown streets. Producers are not as upset at unexpected visitors and spectators as is the case in Los Angeles. I had a couple of Belgian X-philes staying with me in the summer of 1997 and we stumbled across a filming of the "Sentinel" while we were scouting out X-File filming locales. They let us stand behind the cameras and watch as they filmed the scene. Try that in LA.

A pattern seems to have emerged over the last couple of years. Vancouver seems to be becoming the favoured location for Science Fiction series for some reason. Possibly its a legacy from the X-Files.

Some Television shows filmed in Vancouver:

X-Files (pre-1999)
Millennium (cancelled Fall 99)
Battlestar Galactica
The Sentinel
Stargate SG1 & its spinoffs
First Wave
Police Academy, The Series
Adams Family
The Outer Limits
Da Vinci's Inquest
Cold Squad
The Net
McGyver (Old series)
Harsh Realm
7 Days


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