Here are some photo's of my new Snow River camper as it was being built at Interior RV in Penticton, British Columbia in Nov 2007. It was the first in a new series of Campers that the manufacturer believes will be the best built unit available for this RV type. Interior RV is a pioneer in the industry. Many new idea start with this company, they were, for example, the first company to attempt a slide out in a Truck Camper. This camper is the result of many suggestions from consumers. This company is always open to new ideas. As former President of the North American Truck Camper Owners Association, I had the opportunity to tour most North American plants and this is the camper I have chosen for my own personal use. I based my decision on build quality and customer service. This camper was custom built in many ways. It has things like all stainless steel screws.

Sadly market conditions forced them to close down in September 2008.

Some of the pictures below are from a smaller similar unit going down the line at the same time.

This is my camper in its early stages, notice the wings are covered with a sheet of fiberglass, this protects the underside from moisture introduced into side panels, the power cord box, etc.

Wiring is done neatly even in areas like this which will never see the light of day, these will be covered by the propane box. What looks a bit like fiberboard is actually wallpaper. This camper contains no fiber or chip board.

This is the nose arrangement, notice it is wrapped aroudn to prevent water intrusion

This is the underside of the gray tank, notice how it is held in place, off the bottom for heat circulation, but not just strapped to the floor underside as many manufacturers do.

Reico Titan jacks, the brackets are Sikaflexed so no water can intrude, stainless bolts are used (correct tensile rating)

New sink & counter styles & colors

Notice the joint is Sikaflexed as well as screwed, Sikaflex is the strongest flexible adhesive on the market. This is the sidewall at the cabover floor. The picture below is a sidewall where it meets the floor

The area under the slide is reinforced with flat iron on the outside & corner iron on the inside with the wall area sandwiched in between, the tie downs are wielded to the flatiron. There is no way there will be any sagging under the slide or corner cracking .

This shows the slide adjusters, The owner can raise or lower each side of the slide with just a crescent wrench. It is the only slide that can be adjusted by the owner. The other pictures show the drive gears, the gear rack on the slide underside & the slide motor itself.

SnowRiver has the tightest clearance on any slide in any RV. The following 2 pictures show a dime held up against a closed slide & an open one. This means little air leakage through an open slide. Nearly all other slides you can stick your arm through the rubber flap. The slide mechanism is unique to this camper.

This is the slide open detector switch. If the truck is started & the brake pedal pressed the slide will come in, if open. The microswitch will engage if the slide is in. This is possible because of the tight clearances on this slide. Snow River slides move at about ½ the speed of other slides, due to lower gearing, so if someone is inside, it is not a hazard.

Digital thermostat, humidistat & soalr controller. The box above the radio is a Sirius satelite radio docking station. If the humidity reaches the set level, the fantastic fan opens up & runs for a short period of time til it drops.

Bed closet doors are raised to clear toppers.

TV in door, (this pic from another camper)


Shower stall & bathroom

Command Seating & skylight

Shower bypass

Closets & outside shower is heated (to prevent freezing)

Fishing rod/gun storage. Notice heat vent in slide.


Command Seating


Polar Cub A/C

Laminate floor

Clear rear door window with shade

My camper under construction (that is wallpaper not particle board)


Camper on truck