Tony & Tina's Wedding (Dec 11/98)

Tony & Tina's Wedding is an interactive play put on by Hoarse Raven Theatre (see link below). It has been running for over 3 years, and has played to over 65,000 guests so far. I have now been twice, and have enjoyed it on both occasions, but especially the most recent time with my partner, Terry, when we decided to really to get into it. Basically it involves attending a fake Italian Wedding and reception. The actual wedding takes place in a real Church (St Westley United at Burrard and Nelson) followed by the reception at Chardonnay's Restaurant at Hastings & Howe. The $65 price includes a meal and probably the best 4 to 5 hours of entertainment you will have experienced for a long time. The more you get into it, the better time you will have. Since several events and subplots occur simultaneously, you have to observe carefully.

For the evening, Terry and I prepared ourselves with a visit to the local Salvation Army to obtain the wonderful, tasteful outfits you see us in below. Terry, despite the handicap of being a natural blonde, actually has great insight and intelligence, (She teaches Chemistry at a post secondary institution) which is reflected in the outfits she selected for us to wear to the happy event. Yellow pants with matching tie and corsage for myself, topped off with a classy lime green Blazer. For herself she chose the 20's look, complete with fingerless lace gloves, beige hose and pink dress, combined with a classic 50's style plastic purse with matching shoes. We also used the occasion to pick up a lovely wedding present, a plastic Ice Bucket, which was very skillfully wrapped by Terry, and presented at the reception. I put off getting a haircut and beard trim for as long as possible in order to appear as tacky as possible. Terry's sister actually thought I resembled a vacumn cleaner salesman, which I considered a compliment. All in all the $20 Cdn. we had to spend on the whole affair, while outrageous, was worth every penny, and on the bright side we will be all set for the next wedding we have to attend. Needless to say, I will be relying on her excellent taste in all my future clothing puchases.

We seemed to be the only couple present who dressed up for the occasion, in fact many people thought we were actually part of the cast and were waiting for us to do something outrageous. Unfortunately, Terry, in a "Blonde Moment" admitted to not knowing what the Chicken Dance was. This was a dead givaway that she was not really a farm wife from Moose Horn, Manitoba. Everyone knows that the Chicken Dance is the mainstay of winter entertainment on the Canadian Prairies.


Paul & Terry as Bill & Betty from Moose Horn, Manitoba. And at the Reception.


The happy couple

The Wedding and the lovely bridemaids.

Celebrating at the reception. In the next picture, Terry, the shameless young hussy, is seen here flirting with Dominic, the Brides brother. She later had to restrain me from punching the jerks lights out in a jealous rage. It serves her right that the photo is blurred.


Want to go to Tony & Tina's wedding? Check out their website at Hoarse Raven Theatre . It runs Wednesday through Saturdays and is very popular, so you have to book well in advance. If you don't have a car, its better to go in the summer as it is quite a walk from the church to the reception, but you can always take a cab.