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 A Friend of mine owns a Condo he rents out and is also an agent for several others. If interested, click here.

.If want to book a Hotel or Resort click the Online Booking banner below, and select "Whistler". Also you might want to check out Joern & Jackie Rhodes B&B Lodge at www.whistlerbb.com Prefer a Boutique Hotel? Try the Sundial Hotel at the base of the chairlift. See links below for Hostels.


(Ski info can be found in my Skiing Section.)

A visitors perspective of whistler:

I encourage everyone to visit Lynn McKamey's web site. Lynn is also known as "ScubaMom" and is mentioned in my Scuba Diving Section. Anyway she is from Texas & has visited Whistler several times. The Whistler section of her web site will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. here is the link: ScubaMom's Whistler ski trip report

My web site is primarily a Vancouver Tourism site and this page is a poor substitute for the many excellent sites devoted to Whistler itself. I offer this page as an overview and a means to steer you to the information, you may be seeking.

Apart from Vancouver City itself, the reason many people visit here is Whistler, the premier ski resort in North America. 30 years ago, the town of Whistler hardly existed. There was a small ski area south of the present town, patronized mainly by locals from nearby Squamish & Pemberton, and a few Vancouverites willing to make the dangerous journey up Highway 99. Whistler & the adjacent Blackcomb have since mushroomed. About 25 years ago, shortly after development , my wife at the time tried to convince me to buy a condo at Whistler for about $20,000. I told her the place would never catch on and convinced her it would be a bad investment. I could probably make that in 2 seasons, renting it out now. The area is growing rapidly and now you can't touch a condo in Whistler for much less than $200,000. A modest house will run you half a million.

Part of my decision in not thinking Whistler would ever go anywhere, was the highway that joins it to Vancouver. This is one of the most spectacular drives in the world. It is also one of the most dangerous, although big improvements have been made over the years. The road is described in more detail below, as are your transportation options.

Whistler, along with Vancouver, has been awarded the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Whistler is a year round resort. Summer or winter, it is crowded with tourists. The town has a very pleasant Alpine atmosphere to it and consists of interesting squares & plazas with open air restaurants (in summer). Its easy to get lost as streets & alleys meander with no set pattern. The town has posted several maps in public areas to assist you. You can ski in Whistler year round, albeit in the summer there is only glacier skiing. It is a strange sight to be sitting in an open air restaurant in 30 degree Celsius heat in July watching people walk by with skis & snowboards over their shoulders. The town offers many other summer activities. There are several pleasant lakes, good to swim, canoe or kayak in, along with many Hiking & Mountain Biking opportunities. Mountain bikes are easily rented in the town.

Whistler is expensive. There is plenty of accommodation, but you will pay for it, especially in high season. Even in summer, its hard to find a hotel under $150 Canadian a night, and they run around 70-80% occupancy.. Most have pools, but watch for parking surcharges. Whistler is a nightmare to park and many hotels tend to take advantage of it. Restaurant meals will run you 1 1/2 to twice what the equivalent would cost in Vancouver, but there are always fast-food places like KFC & McDonalds to give you a break. What cheap accommodation there is, is quickly snapped up by people looking for work (especially Australians) in the village and on the slopes. Its not unusual to find several of these people crowded into a single condo to cut costs. Having said that, there is plenty of work available in Whistler, especially in ski season. You would have no trouble finding employment, the problem is sleeping and eating once you are there. There is nearly always a labour shortage. The bulk of the transient work force in Whistler seems to consist of Australians. If it wasn't for the snow capped mountain scenery, you would think your in Oz. It is possible for the budget traveller to stay in one of the nearby towns of Squamish or Pemberton. Squamish has a Hostelling International Hostel for $15 Can a night and also the private Rainforest  Hostel. with a Vegetarian Restaurant for around $20. You can get a bus to Whistler for $17 Return. This will get you to the slopes at opening time and you have a choice of 3 buses back at the end of the day. If you buy a book of 10 bus tickets the cost drops to about $12. Because of the accommodation situation in high season, travellers from abroad are advised to pre-book or use a local operator to arrange their trip. I have some links below, and are adding more all the time.

Here are some  Hostel listings:

Whistler  HI Hostel
5678 Alta Lake Road V0N 1B5
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
PHONE: (604) 932-5492 FAX: 932-4687
COMMENTS: directions walk north 4 km along valley trail then follow road to left 400 meters. Some transit access.
EMAIL: see web site for form

Southside Lodge
2102 Lake Placid Drive V0N 1B0
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
PHONE: (604) 932-3644 WINTERPHONE: FAX: (604) 932-0551
HOSTS: Maxwell Buhler
COMMENTS: local pickups in Vancouver, Reservations (604) 943-3644, 300 m from Creekside Gondola
EMAIL: mailto:snowboard@whistlerwed.com
COST: $25.00 ea. (winter) summer $15.00

ShoeString Lodge, White Gold Subdivision
7124 Nancy Green Drive V0N 1B0
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
PHONE: (604) 932-3338 WINTERPHONE: FAX: 932-8347
HOSTS: Geoff MacDonald
COMMENTS: directions just off Hwy. 99 north of town
EMAIL: mailto:shoestring@direct.ca

Fireside Lodge
2117 Nordic Drive, Nordic Estates V0N 1B2
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
PHONE: (604) 932-4545 WINTERPHONE: FAX: 932-3994
HOSTS: Marj Currie
COST: $15.00-$25.00 (winter rates higher)

AMS/UBC Whistler Lodge 
2124 Nordic Drive, Nordic Estates
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
PHONE: (604) 822-5851 lodge: (604) 932-6604
HOSTS: Shannon Wiles
EMAIL: mailto:whistler@ams.ubc.ca
COST: $ $21.25-$30 (see web site for details http://www.ubcwhistlerlodge.com/)

BCIT Lodge
2113 Nordic Drive, Nordic Estates V0N 1B2
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
PHONE: (604) 932-4660 WINTERPHONE: FAX:
HOSTS: Arthur DeJong
COST: $15.00 nightly, $70.00 weekly, $250.00 monthly

Whistler River Adventures do jet boat trips up to Nairn Falls for about $65. This is a white water trip and quite rough, but suited to those who don't want to white water raft. They also do rafting trips and horseback riding as well. Phone (604) 932-3532 or 1-888-932-3532. See links in the table below.

If you are planning on trying to work the ski-season in Whistler, you might try the E-Mail link at the bottom of my ski section. This individual can supposedly provide you with some info on how to go about it. I'd like some feedback, from anyone who has contacted him. You can also apply for a job through the Whistler Blackcomb web site at Employment Opportunities at Whistler Blackcomb Mountains.

The Whistler area also features many hiking opportunities from moderate to difficult Alpine Treks. The Whistler Resort Association has put together a few packages ranging from a couple of hundred dollars up, including accommodation that can include rafting, mountain biking, hiking, etc. Call 1-800-944-7853 for details.

From Squamish, about 1/2 way between Vancouver and Whistler, you can take a flight with Glacier Air and land on a glacier in a ski plane, not to mention the scenery on the way. You need a minimum of 4 passengers and it costs about $165 per person (May-October). Phone 1-800-265-0088 for details.

Many people think of Whistler as a winter ski resort, but the place is a year round tourist destination, with plenty of recreational opportunities in the summertime. You will find links to summertime activities, such as white water rafting in the tables below.


Sea to Sky Highway: This is the primary access to Whistler. This is one of the most scenic drives in North America, reminiscent of a Norwegian fjord. (Pictures of both are under Whistler section above)

View up Howe Sound


Getting to and from Whistler:


As far as getting to Whistler is concerned, you really only have the choice of car or bus or small plane. The train service to Whistler was discontinued on November 1st,2002. A company called Silver Fox Coach Lines at (604) 689-3122 also offer day trips. Perimeter Transport offers 8 buses daily from Vancouver International Airport to Whistler, and vice versa, the price is $45, one way. (Ph. 266-5386) . Also , at a slightly cheaper rate," Whistler Star Express" offers service every 90 minutes from either the Airport or Downtown Vancouver for $39 each way or $65 in a luxury limousine (See their link in the table below). You can also catch a Greyhound Bus from the Main Street Bus station in Vancouver. Its a little cheaper (about $20). There are also links to various Limo services in the table below.

A young entrepreneur has just received approval to operate a new bus service to Whistler which will be oriented to the young set & the young at heart, featuring on board movies, sort of an on board party atmosphere. The cost will be a bit more than half that charged by the more traditional bus lines. The cost will be around $30 for a round trip. You need to join their club for $9 to get the cheap rate, but it comes with discounts on lifts, etc as well., so it's worth it. Obviously, companies like Greyhound are opposed this. Service is due to start in November 2004. Support these guys. See their link in the table below.

You can also rent a car and drive yourself, but the highway to Whistler is one of the most dangerous in North America in winter, especially if you are not used to snowy mountain roads. It is especially dangerous during a heavy rainfall. The road is subject to washouts. People have been killed in the past, finding out the hard way that a bridge no longer exists. Most traffic accidents on this highway, however, are caused by failed overtaking attempts. People seem to get very frustrated, driving this stretch of road and get tempted to overtake where it is not safe. Unfortunately, the victim is often the innocent party coming the other way. Use caution and try to keep your speed down, especially on the Horseshoe Bay to Squamish stretch. There is also a low powered radio station at Horseshoe Bay that continually gives out the current condition of the highway, if you have a radio in your car. A sign is posted with the frequency on the highway just past the Horseshoe Bay turnoff. You can also find the latest Highway conditions in the first table below. The highway offers several attractions. If you like mines, you can stop at Britannia Beach (link in table below) and take a tour. (If you are an X-Files fan, you will recognise this place). About 6 km before reaching Squamish, look for Shannon Falls on the right (its marked). These are one of the highest in North America. If you have 3 or more hours to spare, you can continue up to Whistler, the premier ski resort in North America. About 6 km before Whistler, also on the right are Brandywine Falls, also worth a visit.

It is also possible to fly to Whistler. 2 or 3 companies offer Helicopter & Floatplane Connections. Check out the link below to Whistler-Resort Homepage. They have a list of them. Helijet offers twice daily service.

Whistler Joke:

Everyone knows Whistler is swarming with Aussies every winter, hence the following joke:

An American, a Canadian, and an Australian were sitting in a bar in Whistler BC enjoying a few beers. The American grabbed his beer, knocked it back in one gulp, then he threw the glass into the air and shot it with his handgun. As he set the handgun on the bar, he told the Canadian and the Australian that in the great U.S. of A, they had so much money they never drank out of the same glass twice.

Next the Australian drank his beer, threw the glass into the air and shot the glass with the American's gun. As he was setting the gun back on the bar he proclaimed that in Australia they had so much sand that glass was cheap and he too never drank out of the same glass twice.

Next the Canadian drank his beer, grabbed the gun off the bar, and shot the Australian dead. As he was setting the gun back on the bar, he told the American that in Whistler we have so many Australians you never have to drink with the same one twice.

Snow Club:

You can save some costs at Whistler by joining the  Snow Club. This also entitles you to cheaper transport to & from Vancouver. (As of Nov 2004)

Whistler Web Cams:

This web site has about a dozen Web Cams set up\o around Whistler. Whistler Web Cams


The annual Oktoberfest celebrations are held annually in mid-October.

Online Booking:

Book Hotels online by clicking Hotel Booking

Links to Transportation & Tours:

Snow Bus New  service (Nov 2004), cheaper (& more fun) than the rest
Alpine Limo Limousine service to Whistler
Whistler Outfitters Ski & Snowboard equipment
Elaho Adventures Rafting & Eagle watching
MalRob Limousine Limousine service to Whistler
Whistler Limousine Limousine service to Whistler
Vancouver Limousine Service Limousine service to Whistler
VIP Limousine. Limousine service to Whistler
VIP Mountain Holiday Matt & Ben will arrange a hassle free holiday for you
Bigfoot Adventure Tours: About Bigfoot These guys run a shuttle to Whistler - Site contains other useful links
Moose Run Ski Bus This company runs a weekly backpackers ski tour through BC
Whistler Star Express Ltd. Limo & Bus ser4vice from Vancouver to Whistler
Maverick Coach Lines Bus service to Whistler
Blackcomb-Whistler Bus Bus from Vancouver to Whistler Phone 662-8051
WhistlerBus Bus from Vancouver Airport to Whistler
Perimeter Transportation Bus from Vancouver Airport to Whistler Phone 266-5386
BC Rail  Daily Train service to Whistler
Whistler River Adventures Rafting & boat tours
Wedge Whitewater Rafting Rafting
Kayak Whistler Learn to Kayak in Whistler
C3 Rafting White Water rafting
Wedge Rafting White Water rafting
Canadian Outback White Water rafting
Canadian Voyageur Canoe Company Canoe Tours
Whistler Xc Ski & Hike Escorted hikes, XC Ski trips from Whistler
High Mountain Fishing Fishing Trips
Cougar Mountain Tours ATV, snowmobile, Snow Shoeing, Dog Sledding, etc
Great Wall Climbing Climbing Lessons


Other Whistler & Blackcomb Web Sites:

Whistler luxury Chalets Private home, condo & chalet rentals
Whistler 2010 private Rentals Rentals by owner
Whistler Vacation Homes (Aloha Whsitler) Rentals
Whistler Luxury Condo's Rentals
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Whistler Accomodation Now Rentals
Alpine Whistler Vacations Condos & Chalets
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Whistler Accommodations Hotels, Chalets, Ski Packages, Condos
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Whistler Time Share Rentals Condo rentals
Whistler Websites Guide Whistler Info & Hotel Booking site
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Whistler B&B ( bed and breakfast ) B & B
Whistler Blackcomb Mountains Official web site for the Resort
Whistler Resort Tourism Whistler web site
Hostelling International - Whistler Whistler Hostel
Itchyfeetadventures These guys produce a useful guide
Whistler Retreats Condo rentals, etc plus general info
Central Reservations for Whistler Hotel Reservation, package deals, etc
Pique Weekly News Magazine Weekly Whistler Magazine
Accommodations Whistler On line Booking
Hassle Free Tours Custom designed vacations
Whistler Vacations Accommodation booking online
Whistler Hassle Free Advance reservations for activities, lift passes, etc.
Whistler Accommodation On line booking


Summer Activities:

Rather than just repeat another web page, I will direct you to Whistler Resort - Summer Activities - Whistler Resort British Columbia Canada for a list of summer activities.

Gay Ski Week:

This is held annually in early February. See Gay Ski Week in Whistler- February

News Release Dec 1999


Readers of Conde Nast Traveler magazine have selected three Whistler hotels
as the best ski resort hotels in North America.
The Pan Pacific Lodge took first spot, followed by the Chateau Whistler
Resort and the Delta Whistler Resort.
In its December issue, Conde Nast Traveler publishes the results of a
poll of 4500 readers, listing the top 50 ski resort hotels in North America.
The criteria used included terrain and conditions, accommodations, town
ambience and amenities, lifts and lines, food, and service.
"This is where God comes to go skiing," says one reader, of his stay in
Whistler at the Pan Pacific Lodge. The Pan Pacific received top marks
for excellent location and its intimate boutique hotel service. Guests
loved the accessibility of Whistler's many international cuisine restaurants.

The Chateau Whistler Resort was called a "modern kingdom" by one reader,
with the cozy Mallard Lounge earning praise as "the perfect apres-ski
perch". The Delta Whistler Resort was a favourite for convenience, with
the proximity to gondolas giving "the freedom of choice each morning."

"This latest endorsement from Conde Nast Traveler solidifies Whistler's
position as the premier ski destination in North America," says Barrett
Fisher, vice-president of marketing and sales at Tourism Whistler. "We're
very pleased that more and more visitors are discovering that a holiday
in Whistler is second to none for snow, facilities and value."
Earlier this season, Whistler received the ski industry's prestigious
ranking of Number One in North America by SKI Magazine readers. Whistler
also captured top spot in Skiing magazine.
Whistler's winter season is well underway, with a solid mid-mountain base
of 180 cm (71 in.) Another record year of heavy snowfall is predicted
due to La Nina weather system. Last year, La Nina brought Whistler its
largest snowfall in twenty-five years. The U.S. Weather Service (NOAA),
and Environment Canada predict above average snowfall again this season
for the Pacific Northwest region, which includes Whistler.
And for U.S. guests, the Canadian dollar offers incredible value and savings.
Currently, US$1.00 is equal to $1.43 CAD, which means the U.S. guest's
dollar goes 43 per cent further.
A variety of winter packages are available, including some excellent value
packages for last minute Millennium holiday plans. Maximum Millennium
packages include five nights accommodation, a four-day lift pass to Whistler
and Blackcomb mountains, $50 dining dollars for dinner in a village restaurant,
tickets to First Night celebrations in Whistler Village, and a decadent
welcome platter with chocolate and champagne. Prices start at $209 CDN
($144 US) per person per night, based on double occupancy.
Whistler is a four-season destination, offering the greatest vertical
drop on the continent and more than 7000 acres of ski able terrain. Information
on packages is available by calling 1-800-WHISTLER (1-800-944-7853). Visit
our website at www.tourismwhistler.com.

Posted: ( 1999-Dec-13 ) Author: Laura Street lstreet@tourismwhistler.com

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